Wednesday, September 14, 2011

counting days...

Hi there,
Exactly 9 days from now, it's my turn to fly off. what!!! 9 days to go.. at this moment I still don't believe my eyes (slap my face). urgh... Am I dreaming??? Exactly 6 days, I'm gonna leave Tawau my hometown :-( I'm gonna miss my life here in Tawau

Gonna write more on my journey later on. Currently I have no idea on what to write.

see you later!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How My Life Was in KMB

Hi there,
The title I suppose has given you some overview of what I'm gonna write in this entry. well, after finishing two very "hectic" years in Kolej MARA Banting (KMB) I now dare to write my experience throughout these years. 
To be honest, before  entering KMB, I've already been exposed to what life's going to be there, yeah my senior often came to my college and gave us an exposure about it, Thank you very much. You are one of my motivations which brought me where I am here right now :). To sum it all up, I had some kind of not very happy moment there. It's not because how hard my life was or how difficult the subjects were but it's more to how bad I was in socializing with other people of my batch-mates or my seniors and juniors. I regretted it sometimes but nothing can be done now. That time has gone and I would never repeat the same mistake again. I'll talk more about it later. 
well, as many other students, before coming to KMB, I was too excited, 'google'd all the information up about KMB and IB etc. And so, I entered KMB with full of spirit,  spirit of studying hard and being one of those who are very lucky to study abroad. What an ambition I got there. The same went to all my friends there as well I Supposed haha. But, as I met my fellow batch-mates, my spirit went down from 110% to almost 50%. I was very terrified and intimidated by them, they were so so so smart, yes they are. I was like very little tiny bubble in the ocean as compared to them, but Alhamdulillah finally, in the end, I could see myself leveled with them. huhu, perception!!!
OK,what I'm gonna write here might offend some of IB students. IB actually isn't a very challenging course for me, being in a medical school is much much more challenging than IB.  What I learnt there were actually the same as A-level or government matriculation syllabus, some of the subjects are even fewer than A-level or STPM, or matriculation. But, what makes the IB program so special is that students have to take six subjects plus course work, CAS hours and so on. so, if compared to any other preparation institution, yes I would say the IB teaches its students more.. go IB...:) But, these 6 subjects are much lesser than that I had done during SPM. 10 subjects. so, if one could do excel in SPM, why not the IB? 

 My not-very-close friend probably saw me as nerd or "shy person" but actually you were wrong. yes, I rarely communicated with most of my batch-mates  but that's me, if you don't approach me, the i won't approach you (bad attitude huh..).. huhu, I need to change this behaviour..huhu dangerous, that was my mistake throughout my life in KMB. I didn't actually spend most of my time studying. most of the time, I slept, watched movies, FBing and surfed internet. Studying hard only if the exams or tests were around the corner. this is not good, no wonder I didn't do well in the IB.. haha 

but peeps, you have to know, nothing comes easily, we have to do our best to get the best out of the bests. so, if you are reading this and you want to follow what i did, then stop doing that. As IB students you have to be balanced and you know what you are supposed to do because you are a thinker. get it.. only IB students will get it :-p I remember,  weekdays is the time for us to study, going to class as school boys/girls. weekends, naaaah, this is the time for me to hibernate.. haha, my room-mate knows me very well.. sleep all day long.. haha, how can people say IB is a very tough program then? haha :-p movies were a must every night? if there's holiday, pens and pencils were down.. homework will be done a day before class started. that's why you got no time at least for me, basically those were what I've done for two years.. No wonder right. 

 Extended essays, I had been chased by my adviser so many times. not that I couldn't do it but I really liked to postpone my work. so, the result.. being chased..  TOK essay, I could have done better but my essay, my final draft was my first draft. why? I had no time? but I had time watching movies, sleeping and so on So why dis that thing happen?.. my typical reason was, alaa, lamaaa lagi la.. chill... haha..  very bad attitude again

But yes, that was my life in KMB. my mistakes and If only I knew earlier, I might do better in IB. So, with this attitude , I only managed to ge
t an average score for my finals. Out of  6 subjects I took which were 4 Higher level subjects and 2 standard level subjects, I scored  A 6s for 5 subjects and 7 for another subject, sp the total  was 37 with 0 bonus point.. TOK D and EE(maths) C.  If I didn't do what I did, being too relax.. I could have gotten more than that perhaps. 45 maybe.. haha so, those who are intending to do the IB program, be consistent in what you are doing, DO NOT do I did before because be in KMB is like one of your foot has already been abroad and you just have to work hard to pull your other foot, stay focus and insyaAllah you'll get 45. The better your performance in the IB programme, the better your chances to go where ever you want. Remember that.

ehem, now. I am 1 month away from being part of RCSI , I really have to change the attitude, try my best and most importantly, be consistent and stay focus. MB BCH BAO will be yours in 2016.

see you later!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What a day


Are you wondering why I put that freaky smiley at the beginning of my entry. haha, actually today was a"lovely" day I could say, as always, I woke up at 10 a.m, yes I know it's very late but if you wake up early then u'll find that there's nothing to be done, i bet u must go back and sleep, most of us la I supposed but if u are not then good for u. there are many unexpected things happened to me all the way from 10 am until 7.30pm.

First, I went to KLCC to meet my brother in law, I need him as he's my guarantor, he needs to angkat sumpah at the oath commissioner. okay, thing's going well and my first agenda was done. happy!!! then, I planned to go back right after that, however, what I've planned was failed. as I walked through the "channel" of shoppes at the suria KLCC. i was kinda attracted by the clothes hanging on the wall.. haha I'm not a shopaholic but once I have a chance to buy something, huhu, I'll become more than shopaholic.. haha I bought two jeans and two t-shirts at Giordano and Top Man for RM 200. yeah it's not that mush as compared to others right but I was alone and what I bought was just depending my feeling. this is the first time I bought clothes by my own without any consultation from any of my friends. But I thinks it suits me though, hehe I'm proud that finally i confidently chose baju for my won and satisfied with it.

after that, I took LRT straight to Maluri station, Ampang. this was actually my second priority but shopping had overcome it. haha I went there for my first time, I was like a deer in a city.. haha direct translation.. I knew where i was heading together with it's map. so, I followed the map from one building to another. from the map given, the Foto prime is just a stone throw away but it's different from the actual distance. I had to walk for about 20 minutes then just I arrived at my destination. it's fasting month my friends.. imagine how tired was I. I arrived there, a smile from the women at the shop. huhu, how lovely the Chinese girl was. hiiii. . I took my graduation picture and bla. wow, that's nice. I love the picture. it's the picture of my parents and I. i couldn't post it now but I promise that i'll be posting that later.

uhuh, the :-( moment started after i took the picture, as i walked back to the maluri LRT station, it was raining cats and dogs. huhu, I was stuck. thank god there was a building (mostly chinese restaurants). so, I ran to one of the shop lots and waited for the rain to stop. it did stop but after an hour later.. hehe while I was waiting for the rain to stop. I was also hoping for a taxi to come by so that he could bring me to the LRT station. but unfortunately there wasn't any. so, after almost one hour served by the smell of aromatic chinese foods, I decided to go away form that place. I was hungry la, I ran through the rain straight away to LRT station. of curse I was "basah' it's still raining when I was running. fortunately, my picture didn't get wet. Alhamdulillah.

Finally i got back home at 6.30pm.. another problem came in. POSLAJU. huhu, supposedly today my courier will be received by my sister in tawau but because of some error my courier didn't get there at the expected time. I tracked where my courier was and it stated that it has already in Tawau but because of problem (they didn't mention what the problem is) the item couldn't be delivered. huhu. i e-mailed poslaju asking them what's the problem? hopefully by tomorrow my courier could be delivered..

what a day!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nothing but a piece of rubbish

hi there,

there's nothing much to say for this entry. I just wanna say that from now on, this blog is gonna be active, meaning that i will update this blog as frequent as I can. now only I realize that this is the most suitable way for me to voice out what I think because I'm not good at making friends.

today I was a little tired, not that I did a heavy work nor had a long trip but today, most of my time was wasted, I slept for more than 10 hours I supposed, last night I watched football until 2 am then had 2 hours sleep before sahur then continue sleeping until 1 pm.. total 9 hours, plus 3 hours sleeping after zohor. wow! what an experience today.. huhu what a waste!!!

okay, this is ridiculous that i'm writing this but who cares. haha

see you later :-)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ramadan is here again :-)

Hi there,

it's been a looong time I haven't logged in to my blog. updating it is one thing. actually what i'm gonna write in this entry is completely unrelated to the title above, the title's just appeared out of sudden from my mind as now is fasting month. heee okay enough with that and let's start with our actual agenda.

It's gonna be a month away from the time we are expected to fly to our respective universities overseas. supposedly for those who are gonna leave their family and homeland and going to overseas, most of them are spending their little time with something they love( family, hometown, local food etc), but the case is just different from what i'm experiencing. Not that I hate doing that but i have to stay here in Cheras for almost a month completing all the agreement forms from MARA. after I have done that of course I'm gonna spend my time there in Tawau. I love my life there despite of not having friends to go hanging out with. But my family is there whom I love very much.

To be honest, I still don't believe that i'm going to fly next month. I've never thought that I'll be having this chance 13 years ago when i started school at the age of 7. I have never been exposed to the stories of people flying to overseas, their wonderful experience and so on until I entered Maktab Rendah Sains Mara(MRSM Kota Kinabalu 4 years ago. the trip from my seniors who came back during their summer holidays to our school was a bliss for me. it opened my eyes not to give up and tried my best to achieve what I could achieve. from that moment, I keep my dream of going to overseas (Ireland to be specific). the acceptance to do the International baccalaureate at kolej MARA banting made my dream to be nearer. thank god, i had done my best during two years there and allow me to be accepted to continue my studies in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) commencing in sepetember 2011. Now, it's one month away. heeee...

the picture of the college where i'm heading this September

people always ask me, what I feel right now? are you sure can you survive there? can you speak English? wow, U must have got excellent result in your exams, what have you eaten? how do you study? and the questions continue so on and so on. I'm sure that those who are gonna fly know it as u must have faced it before. okay, i'm not gonna answer all the questions here in this entry but only some of it la. I'd like to answer the question that asking me how i feel right now, actually like I said before, i still don't belive that i'm gonna fly, so, the feeling is just nothing. neither excited nor scared. hee.. it's simple isn't that? but yes, that's my feeling right now. ermmm, I strongly believe that i COULD survive there in metropolitan city of Dublin. why? because my seniors have survived there, why not me? haha.. can I speak English? If i couldn't Mr Philip curtis wouldn't accept me to RCSI during the interview in April. it's enough to answer that. for the questions like what yo have eaten and so on.. i'm jst a normal boy, live my life as what others live their lives.

To end my entries, as this month is the holy onth of ramadan. I urge myself and the readers to look at what yo have done so far. improve what is lacking and keep on maintaining what's good. InsyaAllah we are all be blessed by the Almighty Allah S.W.T

that's all for now see you later..

with love,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

English oh English

Hi again

well, I know my English is not that good and as you can see, my sentence structures and my grammars are all over the places. but, I think it's okay as this could be a medium for me to improve my English. isn't it? Talking about English, I have a very hard time in learning this language. I don't know how some people learns it in just a few weeks and then they could speak just like a native speaker (ade ker). now, i'm gonna share to you all my experience with this language.

ok, since I was raising with only two languages. Malay and my "Bugis" language. I do understand both languages but i can only speak malay but not Bugis... hahaha.. ok back to our topic. in my memory, I could only recall the word english came to my life when i was about 6 years old. on that time I wasn't in the kindergarten like people in my age on that time. this is due to in my area, there was no pre-school or kindergarten. well, it's a Kampong. I started my primary schoola directly without having any pre-school. so, when I entered my class, some of my friends were already used to English but for me it was so aliened to me.. like a baby wanted to learn a new language. it was my situation when I was in standard 1. throughout my primary school. I learnt some basics words in English like I, me, you, it but and it actually crucial for a new learner to know. Thanks to my teachers who had taught me all those years, I salute you for teaching a person who did not have any basic to learn that language. then I finish my primary school with a grade C for english subject UPSR. I'm proud with my result tough. I passed the exam. yeeehaaa..

then, I move to my new school at Semporna. on that time, maybe I didn't know the importance of this language, when I look at my report card when I was in form 1. I got 48% for my english. wow, again I passed but not with flying colour. hehehe.. I just took this subject very easy. I didn't make any effort to improve my grade because what my thought on that time was to be at the top of the class and I did that. thank god my other subjects were good and allowed me to be the top student. but then when I was in form 2, I moved once again to my new school. this time it was SMK Jalan Apas, there I met my new classmates and some of them were good in english and other subjects as well, Afiq tambrin, Ruzana hmazah And Suhaini Darise were among them. it really pushed me to study that language more seriously. I tried my very best to beat them yes, my english improved. my mark elevated to 65%. this markd didn't allow me to be the best student for that year. huh, it was my motivation to do better for the next semester. the next semester when I was in form three. finally the improvement on my mark allowed me to be the best student. I got 82%. it was not the highest but it made me became the best student at least. it seems that, all those years I learnt English because I wanted to be the best student but not for the sake of learning. I scored 82% but then I couldn't speak that language. I could only do my best on a paper but not orally. it's a failure I suppose. my english ended with an A for my PMR and this reslut gave me a chance to go to a borading school in Mara Junior Science College for my upper secondary.
There in MJSC Kota Kinabalu, I met with a group of best students from all over sabah and there I had to compete with all of them. Oh my god, could I beat them here or i will be beaten very2 badly? it was my thought when I entered that college. I remember my first English class, madam Ratna entered my class and asked us to introduce ourselves. well, you know I couldn't speak English. so, on that time I was a dead meat. I could open my mouth to speak. what i said was.. er.. my name is Arsah bin Asis ans bla...bla.. bla.. it seemed easy and okay for me but actually, I memorized my script that I prepared previously. i took the sentences from the person before me.. hahahaha.... i was amazed by their abilities to speak in English with full of confident. but, it was my driving force to be better and more better in this language. throughout four semesters in MJSc kota Kinabalu. I had never got an A in my results for english subject. it was so disappointed for me. but in the end I got and A2 for SPM and 5C for my GCE-O. it was too bad I supposed. all in all, this college taught me how important english is to our life in the future. there, i learnt that English is not only important for the sake of the examinations but also for our entire of life. this college also opened my chance to pursue my studies overseas and when this happens, english should be the most important language to be used.

then, Alhamdulillah. after SPM my application for sponsorship from MARA was accepted. I was given the opportunity to do my pre-med in MARA college Banting. There, we were taking international baccalaureate Diploma Program. we had to take 6 subjects plus two additional subjects Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. all those subjects except Malay A1 were taught in English. so, my knowledge in this subjects was improving day by day. however, if I compare my friends and I in term of this language, I still far behind them... what should I do is to learn this language more and more frequent while holidaying right now. at least now, i know why I should learn English and how important the language is. In three months time, Insya Allah if my result is good, i will be flying to ireland to pursue my studies in Royal college of Surgeons in ireland. so, hopefully, my english will improve to a standard that people there will understand when i speak. hahaha... my experience in learning this language is not as interesting as some other people but this is what i have gone through all these years 20 years learning this language.

to end up, i think it is better for me to thanks all my teachers who had taight me English from the moment I know nothing until now. thanks to Cikgu Dumeh Gimbot, Cikgu Hisyam, Ustaz Azam, Sir Shahirul, Puan Marina, miss Gan, Teacher ratna, Miss Syik and lastly Puan Anita. I appreciate all your effort.. thanks a lot. love you.

Sorry for the broken English I used. it's just like a boy's writing but at least i'm trying.. hehehehe. see you again later with a new topic.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I re-read my old entries and they were so lame i could say..
maybe because i don't know how to write..

so, here I start again my blog with this new entry and I hope this one is gonna be better than the previous entries. ok let's stop that and go to our serious business ? serious? hahaha... my blog is not gonna be so serious (the topics). i'll try to make my blog as lepak as it could be.

réamhrá?? what's that?
well, it's actually an Irish language, it means introduction in English and pengenalan or pengantar in malay. well to start off with anything. we must have an intro right? so, here is my blog's introduction. This time I will introduce myself, who am I and my family, my education, my girlfriend (if I have one hahaha) and everything about me..

well, as you might know, my name is Arsah bin Asis. this name was given to me of course by my father. it sounds very weird and i remembered my life in MARA college Banting, there were so many times my friends and teachers wrongly pronounced my name. then, when i said i'm from sabah then they'll say ohhhhhhhhhhh... and what was actually meant by that long ohhhhhhh/ i'm not racist or bersifat kenegerian but yes many people from sabah have unusual names and I'm proud to be one of them. so, people. if you have an unusual name, be proud of it because you are special.. but then, name represents someone behaviour and if that is the case, what is Arsah's definition?
i once asked my father about it and he didn't answer my question. so, I tried to figure out what that means by myself and I found out, actually my dad wanted
to name me as Arshad but because of the problem while my dad registered my name at JPN. then, the result was Absah bin Asis. wow, Absah that was the name i used since i was born until i was 12, after that my name was changed again to Arsah 12 yrs old onwards.. but, since i was a little kid until now, my friends and my families call me as Acca, not Aca or acha or anything else. it's ACCA..

I have10 siblings. ramainya!!! that was the ususal response
when i sayI have that.. hehehee.. I'm fourth from them I have only one older sister, Rapia binti Asis and now she is married with three
children. it means, I'm an uncle now. yes, i am. she was married with my brother in
law, mr. Badrun and her children are Faiz, Fareez and Faten. then, followed my my first older brither Aliadi bin Asis, then, my second older brother Agus bin asis. after that it's me. so, the remaining members are 2 of my younger sisters hanama binti Asis and Nurul Hidaya binti Asis, 4 of my younger brithers Adnan, Sawal, Mohammad hamdan and Mohammad Ashar. My father and my mother. I love my family just the way they are. awaaa..
it's a lyric from a song if i'm not mistaken..

I think, that's all for the intro because if i'm telling you all about myself. then, you'll know myself better that me. hahaha just kidding..