Monday, September 22, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

Life is full of surprises
ups and downs
joys and sadness, laughters and tears,
etc etc...

We just never know when any of those would come by our sides,
neither how long would those disappear when they did come.
Bear with it, hang on in there.

We might think they are the best things that ever happen to us,
we might think they are the worse thing that ever happen to us.
Everything happens for a reason and that reason is for good.

However, there are times when we feel really lost, hopeless, depressed, down, 
to an extent that we could no longer face the reality.
Times when we really need someone to be with,
someone who could comfort us, support us to go through these hard times,
Having that someone is the best thing happen in our lives. 

I could never imagine where I am without you, 
I could not think of any words to describe how grateful I am with your existence. 

You give me new hope to live my life,
You give a new meaning to my life, 
You give my life complete.

Thank you for always be with me,
You mean a lot to me.