Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ramadan is here again :-)

Hi there,

it's been a looong time I haven't logged in to my blog. updating it is one thing. actually what i'm gonna write in this entry is completely unrelated to the title above, the title's just appeared out of sudden from my mind as now is fasting month. heee okay enough with that and let's start with our actual agenda.

It's gonna be a month away from the time we are expected to fly to our respective universities overseas. supposedly for those who are gonna leave their family and homeland and going to overseas, most of them are spending their little time with something they love( family, hometown, local food etc), but the case is just different from what i'm experiencing. Not that I hate doing that but i have to stay here in Cheras for almost a month completing all the agreement forms from MARA. after I have done that of course I'm gonna spend my time there in Tawau. I love my life there despite of not having friends to go hanging out with. But my family is there whom I love very much.

To be honest, I still don't believe that i'm going to fly next month. I've never thought that I'll be having this chance 13 years ago when i started school at the age of 7. I have never been exposed to the stories of people flying to overseas, their wonderful experience and so on until I entered Maktab Rendah Sains Mara(MRSM Kota Kinabalu 4 years ago. the trip from my seniors who came back during their summer holidays to our school was a bliss for me. it opened my eyes not to give up and tried my best to achieve what I could achieve. from that moment, I keep my dream of going to overseas (Ireland to be specific). the acceptance to do the International baccalaureate at kolej MARA banting made my dream to be nearer. thank god, i had done my best during two years there and allow me to be accepted to continue my studies in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) commencing in sepetember 2011. Now, it's one month away. heeee...

the picture of the college where i'm heading this September

people always ask me, what I feel right now? are you sure can you survive there? can you speak English? wow, U must have got excellent result in your exams, what have you eaten? how do you study? and the questions continue so on and so on. I'm sure that those who are gonna fly know it as u must have faced it before. okay, i'm not gonna answer all the questions here in this entry but only some of it la. I'd like to answer the question that asking me how i feel right now, actually like I said before, i still don't belive that i'm gonna fly, so, the feeling is just nothing. neither excited nor scared. hee.. it's simple isn't that? but yes, that's my feeling right now. ermmm, I strongly believe that i COULD survive there in metropolitan city of Dublin. why? because my seniors have survived there, why not me? haha.. can I speak English? If i couldn't Mr Philip curtis wouldn't accept me to RCSI during the interview in April. it's enough to answer that. for the questions like what yo have eaten and so on.. i'm jst a normal boy, live my life as what others live their lives.

To end my entries, as this month is the holy onth of ramadan. I urge myself and the readers to look at what yo have done so far. improve what is lacking and keep on maintaining what's good. InsyaAllah we are all be blessed by the Almighty Allah S.W.T

that's all for now see you later..

with love,

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