Monday, August 15, 2011

What a day


Are you wondering why I put that freaky smiley at the beginning of my entry. haha, actually today was a"lovely" day I could say, as always, I woke up at 10 a.m, yes I know it's very late but if you wake up early then u'll find that there's nothing to be done, i bet u must go back and sleep, most of us la I supposed but if u are not then good for u. there are many unexpected things happened to me all the way from 10 am until 7.30pm.

First, I went to KLCC to meet my brother in law, I need him as he's my guarantor, he needs to angkat sumpah at the oath commissioner. okay, thing's going well and my first agenda was done. happy!!! then, I planned to go back right after that, however, what I've planned was failed. as I walked through the "channel" of shoppes at the suria KLCC. i was kinda attracted by the clothes hanging on the wall.. haha I'm not a shopaholic but once I have a chance to buy something, huhu, I'll become more than shopaholic.. haha I bought two jeans and two t-shirts at Giordano and Top Man for RM 200. yeah it's not that mush as compared to others right but I was alone and what I bought was just depending my feeling. this is the first time I bought clothes by my own without any consultation from any of my friends. But I thinks it suits me though, hehe I'm proud that finally i confidently chose baju for my won and satisfied with it.

after that, I took LRT straight to Maluri station, Ampang. this was actually my second priority but shopping had overcome it. haha I went there for my first time, I was like a deer in a city.. haha direct translation.. I knew where i was heading together with it's map. so, I followed the map from one building to another. from the map given, the Foto prime is just a stone throw away but it's different from the actual distance. I had to walk for about 20 minutes then just I arrived at my destination. it's fasting month my friends.. imagine how tired was I. I arrived there, a smile from the women at the shop. huhu, how lovely the Chinese girl was. hiiii. . I took my graduation picture and bla. wow, that's nice. I love the picture. it's the picture of my parents and I. i couldn't post it now but I promise that i'll be posting that later.

uhuh, the :-( moment started after i took the picture, as i walked back to the maluri LRT station, it was raining cats and dogs. huhu, I was stuck. thank god there was a building (mostly chinese restaurants). so, I ran to one of the shop lots and waited for the rain to stop. it did stop but after an hour later.. hehe while I was waiting for the rain to stop. I was also hoping for a taxi to come by so that he could bring me to the LRT station. but unfortunately there wasn't any. so, after almost one hour served by the smell of aromatic chinese foods, I decided to go away form that place. I was hungry la, I ran through the rain straight away to LRT station. of curse I was "basah' it's still raining when I was running. fortunately, my picture didn't get wet. Alhamdulillah.

Finally i got back home at 6.30pm.. another problem came in. POSLAJU. huhu, supposedly today my courier will be received by my sister in tawau but because of some error my courier didn't get there at the expected time. I tracked where my courier was and it stated that it has already in Tawau but because of problem (they didn't mention what the problem is) the item couldn't be delivered. huhu. i e-mailed poslaju asking them what's the problem? hopefully by tomorrow my courier could be delivered..

what a day!!!!

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