Monday, September 22, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

Life is full of surprises
ups and downs
joys and sadness, laughters and tears,
etc etc...

We just never know when any of those would come by our sides,
neither how long would those disappear when they did come.
Bear with it, hang on in there.

We might think they are the best things that ever happen to us,
we might think they are the worse thing that ever happen to us.
Everything happens for a reason and that reason is for good.

However, there are times when we feel really lost, hopeless, depressed, down, 
to an extent that we could no longer face the reality.
Times when we really need someone to be with,
someone who could comfort us, support us to go through these hard times,
Having that someone is the best thing happen in our lives. 

I could never imagine where I am without you, 
I could not think of any words to describe how grateful I am with your existence. 

You give me new hope to live my life,
You give a new meaning to my life, 
You give my life complete.

Thank you for always be with me,
You mean a lot to me. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Brief Introduction to RCSI Second Med

Assalamualaikum and good day guys,
First and foremost, congratulations guys and welcome to second med!! :)

Some of you have been asking me some questions regarding the second year lately (I like the spirit, keep it up guys). And so, I'll try my best to put as much information as I couldd from my experience last year, and seniors you are too invited to add some more informations as well. 
Basically if you ask what's important for the secod year students, most likey you're asking what reference books are nedded right? and some might be like is stethoscope needed? and so on. And so, to make it simple I will put the things needed according to modules in JC3 and IC1. here we go :)

Junior Cycle 3
many of you might have heard this, JC3 is gonna be a very relax semester. Yes indeed it is quite relaxed as compared to JC1 and JC2 but DO NOT take it for granted (this is a warning). it looks like that 'cause you'll have only three modules as compared to five in the previous semesters. 

NeuroscienceNeuroscience is just like your CVR, and NM modules. (consisting of Physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, psychiatry, etc). These are the books you should consider to buy if you want for this modules;
1) Cranial Nerve functional Anatomy - Stanley Monkhouse (a small book but pricey) 
2) An illustrated colour text Neuroanatomy - A.R Crossman, D. Neary(ICT)

These two are enough I think, should you master these two books. you wont have any problem with this module. :) To be honest, I realized these two book are really helpful quite late. I didn't finish read them all and I regretted it. These books are not compulsory though, lecture notes are awesome and quite enough too. (Gloves are still needed for anatomy:-p)

Evidence based health and Population Interantional Health (EBH/PIH)
I'm sure you've heard about this modules. This is a new kind of module from what you've had in the first year. it's more like HBS and PSQ. You'll learn some theories (statistics, research and ethics) and these theories usually are not asked directly in the exams, you have to know how to use them in order to answer questions asked. so, Don't leave it to the very last minute. I know it's quite boring but treat it equally as you do for Neuroscience and Clinical competence. it's gonna be okay believe me. 

I don't use any reference books for this; but remember in every lecture notes, they also have footnotes (some additional notes .i.e. explanation to some the thories, their applications are included). Don't forget them. And also, some documents are also attached to the lecture notes, do read them (it's a lot but read as much as you can, again don't wait till the very last minute). some people might use some books though for reference but I dont think it's necessary. Don't forget to look at some past year papers for this modules, familiarize yourself to the kind of questions they will aks in the exams.

Clinical CompetenceA very interesting module. what you need is just attend all the classes and tutorials. Practice with your friends how to take history from a patient and do some physical examinations on them. Reference books; any introductory books to history taking and physical examination would be okay. Sthetoscope (you might not need them in your second year but it's okay to prepare them earlier since you'll be using them later too. :)

Intermediate Cycle 1
waah, you guys must be waiting for this right? I was too. Going to the hospital with formal attire everyday, feels like you're one step closer to becoming a doctor. what a feeling. but (jangan hangat-hangat tahi ayam je tau), Do attend classes in Beaumont hospital everyday, it's really really improtant. Formal attire; girls sorry I dont know how formal is formal for you guys but for boys, wear as sharp as you could possibly be :-P (shirts, ties, trousers and shoes).

Reference books you might consider to buy, they are not compulsory. but use it if you are to buy them. They are good but you just dont have time to read them sometimes. butDO READ them. 1)  Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously simple - Mark Gladwin (I dont really recommend it, some people might though.  'cause your lecture notes are amazing, but sadly no picture will be shown in your lecture notes thus you need some reference books or internet to look how each micoorganisms look like)
2) Oxford handbook of clinical medicine - You'll be using this book for long. you might still use this book even when you are already a doctor.
3) essential of Kumar and Clark clinical medicine - if you have oxford handbook. I dont hink it's necessary to buy this one also. the content are similar. choose eihter one don't both. This book are availabe in the library if you want to read them. The thick and the handbook versions. both are avalable and you can borrow them from the library.
4) Robbin Pathology - Not recommended (pricey and easily available in the library) 5) General ans Systemic pathology- Underwood (not recommended)

if you want to buy books, just the clinical microbiology make ridiculously simple andoxford handbook of clinical medicine or kumar and clark handbook- that's what our seniors told us and their seniors told them and I tell you guys :)

Those are the books I bought last year and I found them quite helpful and hope you would find them helpful as well. I hope this short note helps :)

P/s: This is only from my point of view and it might be different if you ask some other people. Do ask other seniors to get some more information as well. they might have some other better opinion than me.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SK Ladang Segaria: Where the Journey Begins

Assalamualaikum, Peace and blessing be with you 

Hari ni rasa macam nak buat entri dalam bahasa melayu pulak. 
Sebenarnya aku dah lama nak tulis benda ni dalam blog atau mana-mana penulisan tapi maklumlah. ayat pun tunggang langgang, bahasa kelam kabut. macam nak tulis kan. Tapi sebab nak kongsi dengan kawan-kawan, saya buat jugak entri ni dan harap-harap ok la. Entri-entri lepas ni akan berkisarkan tentang kehidupan saya sebagai seorang pelajar. Boring kan? tapi jangan risau, saya akan buat cerita saya ini menarik tapi benar, "macam pelik tapi benar pulak"

Kenapa SK Ladang Segaria? Kenapa The Journey begins over there?
Sekolah Kebangsaan Ladang Segaria Semporna Sabah. di sinilah bermulanya perjalanku sebagai seorang pelajar sekolah yang akhirnya membawa aku ke bumi Dublin, Ireland sekarang ni. Aku bergelar pelajar di sini dari tahun 1998-2003. masuk tahun ni, sudah 9 tahun saya tidak menjejakkan kaki di sekolah ni, sangat rindu. kalau tengok je gambar-gambar yang cikgu-cikgu aku post di facebook, memang banyak kenangan yang manis di sekolah ni. Bangunan-bangunan baru, surau, kantin, bilik darjah Semua nampak baru. Serius aku harap sangat dapat melawat sekolah ni cuti summer yang akan datang. 
Kantin ni macam nampak baru je. Dulu kantin bukan macam ni. ke masih yang ni jugak?
Hujung sekali tu bilik SPBT dan bilik sebelah tu dulu perpustakaan. tapi  tak sure sama ada masih perpustakaan lagi ke tak?
Tengok tu, abang2 tengah menambah baik infrastruktur sekolah. makin membangun aku tengok. Thank you abang2.

Tengok sekolah ni: ini lah bangunan sekolah aku. Dulu warna lain. sekarang makin ceria. pokok tu dah besar panjang sekarang, dulu sempat boleh petik je buah pinang tu dari bawah.

Memang rindu la dengan sekolah ni. Banyak pengalaman yang aku nak sampaikan sebenarnya tapi tengoklah apa je yang dapat dimuatkan dalam entri kali ni. Sekolah ni tak sama dengan sekolah-sekolah kebanyakan kawan-kawanku di sini. kebanyakan diorang sekolah rendah lagi, bangunan sekolah konkrit, letaknya di bandar-bandar. Tapi sekolah saya tidak. Cuma ada dua bangunan je, tu pun kayu. Cuma ada beberapa bilik darjah, bilik guru, bilik pentadbiran, bilik SPBT yang kat atas tu, perpustakaan dan makmal sains (dulu makmal sains masa tahun 1998-2003 tu jadi tempat stor je) tapi tak tau sekarang, mungkin peralatan semua sudah lengkap. kalau nak cakap luas, kawasan sekolah ni memang luas. Tapi bangunan cuma ada beberapa sahaja. tapi aku cuma boleh bagi gambaran 9 tahun dulu je la sebab dah lama tak pergi sana. kot kot sekarang dah banyak.
Sekolah ni sebenarnya letaknya di tengah-tengah ladang kelapa sawit. Ladang Segaria. tu yang nama sekolah jadi SK Ladang Segaria. masa aku kat sana dulu, jalan raya yang menghubungkan kunak semporna tak siap lagi, jadi kalau nak pegi pekan semporna, memang ambik masa jugak la. dalam sejam lebih macam tu tapi sekarang mungkin 30 minit dah boleh sampai rasanya. kemudahan pun tak de la seberapa kalau nak compare sekolah yang kat bandar atau pekan-pekan ni semua.

Tapi macam mana pun keadaan sekolah ni, aku tetap
rindu dan sayang sekolah ni sampai bila-bila. Di sekolah ini lah aku mula mengenali ABC, 123 tambah, tolak, sains, dan sebagainya. Di sinilah bermulanya asas kepada pengetahuan yang saban tahun aku perbaiki. Alhamdulillah. Praise is only to Allah (god). 

Kenangan kat sekolah ni

Kalau nak cerita satu per satu memang penat la aku menaip, orang yang nak baca pun rasa kebosanan. so aku cuma pilih beberpa je la yang boleh di muatkan dalam ni

Kenangan yang memang tak dapat di lupakan. hampir setiap hari sebenarnya masa aku berada di tahap 2 (darjah 4,5,6). Masa tu aku dalam sesi pagi. jadi macam biasa di sabah, kelas akan start dalam pukul 7.30 macam tu. Tapi disebabkan rumah aku jauh dari kawasan sekolah. bas pun ambik kiorang lambat, tu yang setiap hari sampai sekolah dalam jam 8.30 macam tu. memang sejam yang pertama  memang tidah pernah ada dalam kelas. mata pelajaran yang awal-awal tu memang kena mintak kawan-kawan yang lain yang sampai awal tolong ajarkan. 

lagi, dulu aku ni memang tidak aktif bersukan. kalau masa sukan je, memang aku tidak keruan. kalau tengok kawan-kawan lain main bola sepak, bola tampar, sepak takraw.. aku ni cuba jugak la main tapi sayangnya, memang tiada bakat. tu yang sampai sekarang ni kawan-kwan aku masa sekolah rendah dulu-dulu memang tidak percaya kalau aku cakap aku boleh main bola atau main bola tampar. sampai boleh wakil prsatuan pelajar malaysia universiti aku lagi di Dublin ni untuk lawan malaysian socities yang lain. (Poyo di ditu, tapi true story :)).. haha.. tapi cuma satu je aku aktif. aku aktif kawat kaki. tu yang kulit gelap semacam je. Ni gambar kat bawah ni. Johan peringkat daerah masa ni. :) 

Satu lagi. dulu-dulu ni aku rasa kawan-kawan aku buli aku. Tapi masa tu aku kena buli dengan cara lain. Diorang buli aku suruh aku jadi ketua kelas. Aku ingat aku start jadi ketua kelas masa aku darjah 3. lepas tu sampai darjah 5 aku pegang jawatan tu. tapi aku rasa seronok jugak jadi ketua kelas ni. jadi bos sikit. jadi orang susah mau cari pasal.. haha.. tau kan masa budak-budak.. kalau ada jawatan. huh, mula la tu. tapi aku ni tidak jugak la gila pangkat sampai jadi macam bos. :) lepas tu sampai darjah 6 ingatkan dah boleh jadi pelajar biasa. tup.. tup.. dipilih pulak jadi pengawas sekolah. erkkk.. masa tu, kalau tengok aku punya pakaian. pegi sekolah tidak ber'iron' macam mana nak iron kalau kat rumah takde elektrik. tu yang pegi sekolah dengan baju comot. tapi aku tak kisah sangat. bukannya nak pegi dating pun kan. pegi sekolah tuntut ilmu, tu yang penting.

Ni satu lagi pengalaman yang aku rasa manis.. haha. Di sekolah dulu aku ni kira macam top student jugak la. top la sangat, kalau tengok balik, tak de la top mana. Masa darjah satu aku napat no.8 masa penggal pertama, lepas tu no. 3 masa penggal ke 2. penggal ni macam semester jugak la. lepas tu dari darjah 2 sampai darjah 6.. 8 kali dapat nombor 1, dua kali dapat nombor 2. :) tapi masa UPSR kantoi jugak keputusan aku. dapat 3A, 1B dan 1C.. macam biasa, aku ni bahasa memang hancus.. tu yang B tu subjek bahasa melayu pemahaman tu, dan yang C pulak subjek English.. tapi it's okay, keputusan ni yang buatkan aku lebih semangat untuk belajar. tidak puas hati. tapi dengan usaha, doa semua. alhamdulillah.. lepas UPSR je, setiap kali peperiksaan awam. PMR, SPM.. memang dah tak pernah dapat B, semua A je. Alhamdulillah. rezeki. Ni bukannye apa bagi tau kat sini, just nak bagi tau kat adik2, jangan sedih sangat dengan keputusan yang kita dapat. kita sudah berusaha. cuba yang terbaik kalau ada peluang pada masa akan datang ye adik-adik.. 

Aku rindu

Aku rindu akan guru-guruku yang sekarang ni tidak tau keberadaan mereka. walaupun sesetangah daripada mereka masih lagi dapat kuhubungi (tu pun melalui facebook je). Kalau nak list semua cikgu2 di sini memang banyak. Cikgu sallehin Tahir, Peter a/k Chapi, Dumeh Gimbot, Azmy Asli, Nur Aishah Selamat, Ustaz Azam Samuri, dan banyak lagi. kalau nak list memang panjang. Tapi di mana pun keberadaan kalian, diharapkan agar kalian semua berada dalam keadaan sihat wal afiat, mudah-mudahan pengorbanan kalian selama ini di berkati oleh-Nya. Terima kasih atas jasa yang kalian berikan wahai guru-guruku. 

Aku rindu akan sahabat-sahabatku, rakan sekelas ku yang bersamaku sepanjang 6 tahun. Banyak pengalaman yang kita kot, sangat banyak. serius. (mood sedih ni) aku masih ingat lagi si Selamat bin Karma yang dulu orang yang paling besar dalam kelas kami. kalau kawan dengan dia memang tidak ada siapa berani kacau, body guard tu (lama aku tidak jumpa dia, ntah macam mana dia sekarang). Memang tidak dapat dinafikan aku ni susah sikit untuk berkawan. Bukan disebabkan aku ni sombong ke apa tapi aku memang tidak pandai untuk berkawan. susah untuk berkawan tapi kalau dah kawan tu memang akan lagi kenal la. tapi kalau yang tak kenal aku tu, memang tanggapan pertama mereka ialah aku ni seorang yang sombong. tapi aku sebenarnya tak la macam tu. Percayalah.. haha

Lihat je la gambar-gambar yang masih ada dalam kenangan. Yang kat atas tu, tu je la calon UPSR yang sekolah kami ada untuk tahun peperiksaan UPSR 2003

Aku rindu jugak akan suasana persekitaran sekolahku yang ku cintai. SK Ladang Segaria.

Rasa macam gado-gado pulak perasaan aku sekarang, ada sedih, rindu, gembira dan sebagainya. semua perasaan ada. 

Masa aku di sekolah ni, aku tidak pernah menyangka yang aku akan dapat melanjutkan pelajaran sampai ke bumi Eropah. Memang sebagai seorang anak pekebun kelapa sawit di satu kawasan terpencil di antara Pekan Semporna dan Kunak. Melenjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat ijazah sudah cukup membanggakan. hanya itu yang kuharapkan semasa aku bergelar sebagai pelajar di sekolah ini dulu. dan Alhadulillah, peluang ada untuk aku, tidak kusia-siakan. Peluang melanjutkan pelajaran dalam bidang perubatan di Eropah memang satu rezeki yang Allah berikan untuk aku. Aku tidak akan sia-siakan peluang yang telah diberikan kepadaku dan berusaha untuk melakukan yang terbaik inshaAllah.

Pesanku kepada adik-adikku yang merasakan bahawa kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar luar bandar dengan kemudahan-kemudahan yang tidak mencukupi. Semua itu bukannya satu alasan untuk kita tidak belajar bersungguh-sungguh sehingga cita-cita yang kita harapkan dapat dikecapi. jadikan kekurang itu sebagai satu motivasi kepada kita untuk menjadi yang lebih baik. Buktikan kepada umum bahawa pelajar dari Luar bandar juga mampu berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah dengan pelajar-pelajar yang mendapat pendidikan di bandar-bandar :)

Nantikan kesinambungan cerita ini dalam entri yang akan datang

With love,
Arsah Asis
a.k.a Absah Asis
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Monday, January 28, 2013

The end of Junior Cycle

It’s really been a while.

I made some changes in my blog and I really like this one. And so, to make full use of this blog I’ll update as frequent as I could but I can’t promise thoughJ. Well, now as the title says, it’s the end of my Junior Cycle as a medical student here in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). I’m sure lots of you don’t know why junior cycle. Regarding this, don’t worry because I’ll explain more about it in this entry.

As usual, I think it’s more or less a culture here in RCSI or I would say in any universities regardless of what course they take, with some perhaps are excluded (probability less than 5%). After an examination ends, people will mind their own business, having their own precious free-moment, having a vacation etc. I’m included J too!!! So, here I am, writing my first entry of the new term of second year of college. We actually had our last exams last week and now many of my classmates have already gone back or gone for vacations, Canadians are going back to their countries, Australians, Malaysian are travelling around Europe, Irish, well this is their country and having a break like this surely will bring so much joy to them as well. My day has not come yet, but next week, Poland.. here I come.

Alright, yesterday’s exam really was my last day being a student in Junior Cycle (JC). I can’t believe that time flies really fast doesn’t it? Junior Cycle basically is the first level to become a doctor to in RCSI. You’ll be in Junior Cycle for three semesters and all classes are in the RCSI main building at the St. Stephens green, Dublin 2. After JC, you’ll progress to Intermediate Cycle (IC) for 3 semesters too and during this period, everyone will be in the Beamount Hospital!! Excited!!!, yes all classes will be in the hospital.  And finally before you are given the title ‘Doctor’, you’ll be in Senior Cycle (SC) for two years which I couldn’t really describe how it really is as for now. Brief summary right?.. J want to know better click this   

This is basically what it looks like, the journey to become a doctor. Note, I am in the 5-year program. so just ignore those FYs and graduate entry

Actually I couldn’t really know how to describe my feeling right now. I’m really glad that my exams were over. What a feeling!! BUT, yeah now I do agree with my friend’s statement in one of his posts, when exam is around, everything you want to do, “Youtubing”, sleeping, “facebooking”, etc but when it comes to holiday, them all of them suddenly gone. You don’t have the urge to do them anymore. Huh..

Anyhow, yeah.. I’m back.. here I am.. Sharing my not-so-good writing. I am very bad in writing and my language.. oh my gosh!!!  Still, I won’t give up and I’ll keep this blog updated and who knows in 5-10 years, My style of writing changes, I can always look these early posts.

ok, bye for now. Next post will be something special

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First post from Dublin

Hi there, yeah it's been a while. I just dont remember I have my own blog to write. I dont like writing or updating my statuson facebook. It's becoming more and more 'unsafe' nowadays. You know what I mean, Don't you? My last post was before I arrived here in Dublin and now it's just 2 weeks away before I'm going back to Sabah, Malaysia bah.. ;) I decided to start being active again on this blog because I want to share something with my fellow followers(if they read this) or anyone who happens to read my blog as much experience I had had here for almost a year. Some of the content in the next couples of entries are gonna be something related to how medical students really look like, how's life as a student in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin (which might attract some attention from those who are coming here next term in October)and many more stories like my vacations with my friends around europe and etc. I haven't been very active updating my blog because I was just too busy with all new stuffs and try to adaptwith my new life here as a medical student. But, after this I will try as much as I can to update as frequent as my time could be fit in. Actually now we are in the middle of our final first year exams. We have had 4 modules done and there'll be one more module left as well as one anatomy practical. So, it's 2.30 in the morning and I should be sleeping right now. Exams time and for sure my brain needs some rest. Till we meet again very soon. Arsah

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

counting days...

Hi there,
Exactly 9 days from now, it's my turn to fly off. what!!! 9 days to go.. at this moment I still don't believe my eyes (slap my face). urgh... Am I dreaming??? Exactly 6 days, I'm gonna leave Tawau my hometown :-( I'm gonna miss my life here in Tawau

Gonna write more on my journey later on. Currently I have no idea on what to write.

see you later!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How My Life Was in KMB

Hi there,
The title I suppose has given you some overview of what I'm gonna write in this entry. well, after finishing two very "hectic" years in Kolej MARA Banting (KMB) I now dare to write my experience throughout these years. 
To be honest, before  entering KMB, I've already been exposed to what life's going to be there, yeah my senior often came to my college and gave us an exposure about it, Thank you very much. You are one of my motivations which brought me where I am here right now :). To sum it all up, I had some kind of not very happy moment there. It's not because how hard my life was or how difficult the subjects were but it's more to how bad I was in socializing with other people of my batch-mates or my seniors and juniors. I regretted it sometimes but nothing can be done now. That time has gone and I would never repeat the same mistake again. I'll talk more about it later. 
well, as many other students, before coming to KMB, I was too excited, 'google'd all the information up about KMB and IB etc. And so, I entered KMB with full of spirit,  spirit of studying hard and being one of those who are very lucky to study abroad. What an ambition I got there. The same went to all my friends there as well I Supposed haha. But, as I met my fellow batch-mates, my spirit went down from 110% to almost 50%. I was very terrified and intimidated by them, they were so so so smart, yes they are. I was like very little tiny bubble in the ocean as compared to them, but Alhamdulillah finally, in the end, I could see myself leveled with them. huhu, perception!!!
OK,what I'm gonna write here might offend some of IB students. IB actually isn't a very challenging course for me, being in a medical school is much much more challenging than IB.  What I learnt there were actually the same as A-level or government matriculation syllabus, some of the subjects are even fewer than A-level or STPM, or matriculation. But, what makes the IB program so special is that students have to take six subjects plus course work, CAS hours and so on. so, if compared to any other preparation institution, yes I would say the IB teaches its students more.. go IB...:) But, these 6 subjects are much lesser than that I had done during SPM. 10 subjects. so, if one could do excel in SPM, why not the IB? 

 My not-very-close friend probably saw me as nerd or "shy person" but actually you were wrong. yes, I rarely communicated with most of my batch-mates  but that's me, if you don't approach me, the i won't approach you (bad attitude huh..).. huhu, I need to change this behaviour..huhu dangerous, that was my mistake throughout my life in KMB. I didn't actually spend most of my time studying. most of the time, I slept, watched movies, FBing and surfed internet. Studying hard only if the exams or tests were around the corner. this is not good, no wonder I didn't do well in the IB.. haha 

but peeps, you have to know, nothing comes easily, we have to do our best to get the best out of the bests. so, if you are reading this and you want to follow what i did, then stop doing that. As IB students you have to be balanced and you know what you are supposed to do because you are a thinker. get it.. only IB students will get it :-p I remember,  weekdays is the time for us to study, going to class as school boys/girls. weekends, naaaah, this is the time for me to hibernate.. haha, my room-mate knows me very well.. sleep all day long.. haha, how can people say IB is a very tough program then? haha :-p movies were a must every night? if there's holiday, pens and pencils were down.. homework will be done a day before class started. that's why you got no time at least for me, basically those were what I've done for two years.. No wonder right. 

 Extended essays, I had been chased by my adviser so many times. not that I couldn't do it but I really liked to postpone my work. so, the result.. being chased..  TOK essay, I could have done better but my essay, my final draft was my first draft. why? I had no time? but I had time watching movies, sleeping and so on So why dis that thing happen?.. my typical reason was, alaa, lamaaa lagi la.. chill... haha..  very bad attitude again

But yes, that was my life in KMB. my mistakes and If only I knew earlier, I might do better in IB. So, with this attitude , I only managed to ge
t an average score for my finals. Out of  6 subjects I took which were 4 Higher level subjects and 2 standard level subjects, I scored  A 6s for 5 subjects and 7 for another subject, sp the total  was 37 with 0 bonus point.. TOK D and EE(maths) C.  If I didn't do what I did, being too relax.. I could have gotten more than that perhaps. 45 maybe.. haha so, those who are intending to do the IB program, be consistent in what you are doing, DO NOT do I did before because be in KMB is like one of your foot has already been abroad and you just have to work hard to pull your other foot, stay focus and insyaAllah you'll get 45. The better your performance in the IB programme, the better your chances to go where ever you want. Remember that.

ehem, now. I am 1 month away from being part of RCSI , I really have to change the attitude, try my best and most importantly, be consistent and stay focus. MB BCH BAO will be yours in 2016.

see you later!!!