Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I re-read my old entries and they were so lame i could say..
maybe because i don't know how to write..

so, here I start again my blog with this new entry and I hope this one is gonna be better than the previous entries. ok let's stop that and go to our serious business ? serious? hahaha... my blog is not gonna be so serious (the topics). i'll try to make my blog as lepak as it could be.

réamhrá?? what's that?
well, it's actually an Irish language, it means introduction in English and pengenalan or pengantar in malay. well to start off with anything. we must have an intro right? so, here is my blog's introduction. This time I will introduce myself, who am I and my family, my education, my girlfriend (if I have one hahaha) and everything about me..

well, as you might know, my name is Arsah bin Asis. this name was given to me of course by my father. it sounds very weird and i remembered my life in MARA college Banting, there were so many times my friends and teachers wrongly pronounced my name. then, when i said i'm from sabah then they'll say ohhhhhhhhhhh... and what was actually meant by that long ohhhhhhh/ i'm not racist or bersifat kenegerian but yes many people from sabah have unusual names and I'm proud to be one of them. so, people. if you have an unusual name, be proud of it because you are special.. but then, name represents someone behaviour and if that is the case, what is Arsah's definition?
i once asked my father about it and he didn't answer my question. so, I tried to figure out what that means by myself and I found out, actually my dad wanted
to name me as Arshad but because of the problem while my dad registered my name at JPN. then, the result was Absah bin Asis. wow, Absah that was the name i used since i was born until i was 12, after that my name was changed again to Arsah 12 yrs old onwards.. but, since i was a little kid until now, my friends and my families call me as Acca, not Aca or acha or anything else. it's ACCA..

I have10 siblings. ramainya!!! that was the ususal response
when i sayI have that.. hehehee.. I'm fourth from them I have only one older sister, Rapia binti Asis and now she is married with three
children. it means, I'm an uncle now. yes, i am. she was married with my brother in
law, mr. Badrun and her children are Faiz, Fareez and Faten. then, followed my my first older brither Aliadi bin Asis, then, my second older brother Agus bin asis. after that it's me. so, the remaining members are 2 of my younger sisters hanama binti Asis and Nurul Hidaya binti Asis, 4 of my younger brithers Adnan, Sawal, Mohammad hamdan and Mohammad Ashar. My father and my mother. I love my family just the way they are. awaaa..
it's a lyric from a song if i'm not mistaken..

I think, that's all for the intro because if i'm telling you all about myself. then, you'll know myself better that me. hahaha just kidding..

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