Monday, January 28, 2013

The end of Junior Cycle

It’s really been a while.

I made some changes in my blog and I really like this one. And so, to make full use of this blog I’ll update as frequent as I could but I can’t promise thoughJ. Well, now as the title says, it’s the end of my Junior Cycle as a medical student here in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). I’m sure lots of you don’t know why junior cycle. Regarding this, don’t worry because I’ll explain more about it in this entry.

As usual, I think it’s more or less a culture here in RCSI or I would say in any universities regardless of what course they take, with some perhaps are excluded (probability less than 5%). After an examination ends, people will mind their own business, having their own precious free-moment, having a vacation etc. I’m included J too!!! So, here I am, writing my first entry of the new term of second year of college. We actually had our last exams last week and now many of my classmates have already gone back or gone for vacations, Canadians are going back to their countries, Australians, Malaysian are travelling around Europe, Irish, well this is their country and having a break like this surely will bring so much joy to them as well. My day has not come yet, but next week, Poland.. here I come.

Alright, yesterday’s exam really was my last day being a student in Junior Cycle (JC). I can’t believe that time flies really fast doesn’t it? Junior Cycle basically is the first level to become a doctor to in RCSI. You’ll be in Junior Cycle for three semesters and all classes are in the RCSI main building at the St. Stephens green, Dublin 2. After JC, you’ll progress to Intermediate Cycle (IC) for 3 semesters too and during this period, everyone will be in the Beamount Hospital!! Excited!!!, yes all classes will be in the hospital.  And finally before you are given the title ‘Doctor’, you’ll be in Senior Cycle (SC) for two years which I couldn’t really describe how it really is as for now. Brief summary right?.. J want to know better click this   

This is basically what it looks like, the journey to become a doctor. Note, I am in the 5-year program. so just ignore those FYs and graduate entry

Actually I couldn’t really know how to describe my feeling right now. I’m really glad that my exams were over. What a feeling!! BUT, yeah now I do agree with my friend’s statement in one of his posts, when exam is around, everything you want to do, “Youtubing”, sleeping, “facebooking”, etc but when it comes to holiday, them all of them suddenly gone. You don’t have the urge to do them anymore. Huh..

Anyhow, yeah.. I’m back.. here I am.. Sharing my not-so-good writing. I am very bad in writing and my language.. oh my gosh!!!  Still, I won’t give up and I’ll keep this blog updated and who knows in 5-10 years, My style of writing changes, I can always look these early posts.

ok, bye for now. Next post will be something special

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